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Little Noise Records is a Toronto-based boutique label specializing in new and emerging artists. By integrating traditional music services with a comprehensive online promotion plan we offer a one stop, in house solution for services that previously required artists to independently coordinate. We are dedicated to re-imagining the music industry in a way that empowers artists to do what artists do best; perform and create.

In today’s music industry a good song is more important than ever, but even the best song needs to be heard. That’s why we offer comprehensive, integrated, multi-platform services, to help you create a great song, further define your artistic brand through artwork, online promotional posters, and videos, and then help you grow your online reach to find the RIGHT audience for your art. And then, if needed, we can help you develop a live show that will captivate your audience.

Why keep everything "in house"?

From start to finish, a polished, congruent brand for you and your music means, not re-explaining yourself to several companies, ever having a miscommunication from one source to another, an overview from start to finish of the entire process. It's ideal that the team producing your music and your team promoting the music should be working together and ensuring the music is getting to the correct audience, Little Noise has the manpower and experience to know who, when and where that audience is.

Get in touch with us to find out how Little Noise can take your music career to the next level.

Mike Schlosser is a Canadian producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Beginning his musical career playing guitar in various bands across his home province of Alberta, Canada, Mike Schlosser began producing full-time in 2008 with the Curtis Santiago "Have Mercy Mixtape". Utilizing a production style that combined his love of many different genres and influences from Indie to Metal, and Folk to Hiphop, the mixtape generated several SXSW showcases as well as a feature artist spot in the "New Music Conference" at Cleveland's Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.

In 2009 Mike took an assistant position with Juno award winning producer and mixer Timothy Abraham and assisted on recordings for Rob Szabo, Peter Katz, and Valerie Gore.

Mike's recent production work includes "The Vulture" by Iranian indie-rock pioneer King Raam, and Anglo-Indian by Love and Sound. He has also written and produced a string of singles with artists such as Canadian soul-diva Kendal Thompson, Broadway-singer turned pop-star Haviland Stillwell, and Polish rock-goddess Anna Cyzon.

Mike is based out of Little Noise Studios in Toronto, Canada.

Sandra Wong takes online pressence to another level. Combining traditional aspects of publicity and promotion with up to date technology she has created a hybrid multi platform approach to introducing music to new audiences. Working amongst the music industry has allowed her to flourish with “out of the box” thinking, while balancing efficiency and compatibility across all of todays devices. Many of these opportunities were not limited to web based projects, but included branding, graphic work and social media development. Sandra has worked with such artists as Anna Cyzon, Kendal Thompson, The Harpoonist & Axe Murderer, Miss Quincy and Jenn Beaupré.